ehmSTUDIO was founded by Erik and Heather Millward.  We have been enjoying an ongoing design conversation for over twenty years.  It has taken us all over the world and ultimately, to Brooklyn, NY.  

We believe passionately in a collaboration, experimentation and innovations.

We work closely with our clients to identify what is important to them and to their project.  A design ethos that values communication and curiosity, ultimately lead to engaging spaces and successful projects.

Architecture and design need to meaningfully mitigate the often competing elements of program, environment and community.  Beginning with the simple idea of an architecture of necessity, we explore the myriad of relationships between space, materials, energy, environment and finances.  While the focus of each project is inevitably unique, there is a clear common thread concerned with the sustainability of the choices we make.  


Heather is a Certified Interior Designer and a lifelong piano teacher.

Erik is a Registered Architect and part time hockey player.